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Critical Worker Status and Critical Worker Provision

29th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: Critical Worker Status and Critical Worker Provision

Firstly I would like to thank many of you for your positivity and the messages of support during these difficult times.  It is very much appreciated by the whole staff team.  It is a really difficult time for everyone and all at Bournvillle Primary School cannot wait to be in a position to welcome back the whole school community once more.


I fully recognise the many difficulties and challenges you are experiencing at this time in juggling work commitments, remote learning and the support of vulnerable family members.  When we do return, we will have systems in place to catch up on lost learning and to get your children back on track.


This week we have experienced a real surge in applications for the critical worker provision as we approach the fourth week of term.  This means the risk of increased contact. This works against the purpose of lockdown, which is to cut transmission of the virus nationally and in our community. The difficulty we face as a school is balancing the needs of critical worker families whilst maintaining the enhanced safety of the school.  The fewer children and adults we have on site the safer it is for children and adults alike and for their families at home.


In light of this, and to avoid having to ration places, I urge you to only apply for, or attend, the critical worker provision on the days you are working. If you are working from home and can accommodate your children, we would appreciate you doing so.  Cutting one day here or there will relieve pressure and make the school site safer for all. 


I ask that you only apply if you are eligible. It is sometimes difficult to match the application details given against the criteria for critical worker status in the DfE guidelines. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has followed our guidance and worn a mask on site and where possible only 1 adult is picking up. This is helping to keep our school as safe as possible.


I know it is a difficult time and that this is compounded by the fact that we still have no confirmed date (let us hope mid-March is possible) when schools will be open to all.


I look forward to when our whole school community is back in one plac e.

Yours sincerely


Marie Berry