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Lateral Flow device testing for staff



You may have seen recent announcements that staff at primary schools are being requested to participate in Lateral Flow Device Testing (LFDT) from Monday 25 January.

Staff participation is optional, but it will be offered to all staff at Bournville Primary School.


As many as 1 in 3 people may be carrying the virus but not show any symptoms (asymptomatic) and this is why NHS England and the DFE have planned the LFDT programme for education staff.


In line with the government guidance, testing will take place twice weekly. If a member of staff gets a positive result from the LFDT they are required to self-isolate and book a confirmatory PCR test at a test centre.

Staff will notify school immediately if they have received a positive result.   The school will then risk assess any person who has been a direct contact and we will send a text message to the year group / bubble to advise that pupils should not attend school.  

Staff will be completing their tests on a Wednesday and Sunday evening and therefore we will send information to parents about any bubble isolation as soon as possible. 


Once the result of the PCR test has been received, we will send a further update to families to advise if the pupils can return to school or should continue to isolate for the remainder of the isolation period.


We appreciate that sending a communication to close a bubble at very short notice may present challenges for parents. However, this is necessary to minimise the onward transmission of the virus if contact has been made with a positive case.


We thank you for your continued support.