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Update to the end of day collection procedures.

Thank you all for supporting our end of day collection guidance.  The collection went very smoothly with all parents working hard to follow the one way system and adhere to social distancing.  Thank you for all the positive feedback.  We, like you, noted that there was a bit of a bottle neck with parents crossing over on the entry and exit points.  We have therefore updated our plan and slightly changed what we want you to do.  

From tomorrow can parents enter the school through the exit gates when they collect at the end of the day. 

Parents will continue to walk down the car park to the side green gate by the small hall.  Parents will should walk around the exterior of the building to their child classroom and then out via the gate by the bike sheds.  

We ask that parents then exit via the driveway entrance.  I have attached a picture to illustrate this. 

Staff will be on site, as they were today, to direct parents.  

As I stated when issuing the guidance, we will constantly monitor and review our procedures and where something is not working, do our best to change the plans to make it better.  

Thank you for you ongoing support.  


Marie Berry