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Performance data

KS2 Performance Data 2018-2019 


% of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics


Reading - 68%

Writing  - 67%

Mathematics - 68%


Average progress in reading  -1.0 

Average progress in writing  -3.7

Average progress in mathematics -1.3


% of pupils achieving a higher standard in reading, writing and mathematics

Reading - 13%

Writing  - 2%

Mathematics - 13%



As part of the School’s monitoring and Evaluation Cycle the school leadership, including governors and staff, spend time: observing teaching and learning; scrutinising books and work; speaking to children, taking special learning walks, moderating child levels and collecting attainment data. This thorough process assures leaders that our judgements and assessments are very accurate. This happens at least three times a year so that we know how well things are going and can make sure that our children get the best and are making great progress from their own start points.


The data on this page shows how well the children in this school are performing and progressing. One key indicator of how well a school is performing is to compare its children’s progress with national expectations. As you will see every year group in the school is making progress significantly higher than that expected, therefore, we judge the achievement of our children to be Outstanding at this point.

The following historic data shows how our school performance compares with all schools locally and nationally.