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Curriculum Rationale


We want children at BPS to achieve their full potential in all areas and to be able to succeed in their next stages of education and life beyond. We want our learners to develop a love and enthusiasm for subjects taught, as well as a lifelong love of learning. 


Children begin their learning journey with us in our Nursery where the focus on key areas of communication and social skills enables them to be ready for all areas of the curriculum and school life. Throughout EYFS children access an exciting, child-led and experiential curriculum which is tailored carefully to ensure engagement and progress through play. In reception, more teacher-directed learning is introduced to ensure children develop key skills in reading, writing and mathematics. 


In KS1 (Key Stage 1) and KS2 (Key Stage 2) our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and is carefully planned to ensure children develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to succeed. Key knowledge for each subject has been identified and sequenced across the year groups to ensure clear progression. Curriculum organisation means that knowledge and skills are re-visited and built upon to enable children to be confident in using the content in subjects. 


Starting School

Children entering our 2+ nursery and pre-school start our school well below the national average. Due to this we invests widely in supporting the development of speech and language in order to close gaps between them and their peers nationally. An enhanced curriculum is put in place to ensure that our children have opportunities to broaden their experiences of the world beyond school. Throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1 gaps in reading and writing are identified and specific intervention is put in place to support these children.


Curriculum Design

At Bournville Primary School our teachers strive to ensure that balance across the curriculum is maintained and that all areas of the curriculum are important and given equal priority. Our curriculum is designed to meet the expectations laid out in the national curriculum.  In addition to the national curriculum the school offers a broad PSHE curriculum to support children in their cultural understanding and British values are built into the everyday teaching and underpin the ethos of the school. As well as this, we place a strong emphasis on supporting children’s social, moral and cultural development with comprehensive and bespoke PHSE provision and a Mind-Up curriculum to support mental wellbeing. A specific safe guarding curriculum has been designed based on the risk factors that have been identified through our safeguarding audits and knowledge of children’s experiences outside school.   


A rich and diverse curriculum is designed to ensure that children are exposed to experiences that build powerful knowledge and skills. Our ethos is that all children will access this and teaching staff are committed to adapting provision to ensure that this can happen. 


The English curriculum is based on a deep understanding of quality texts that will enrich children’s language and understanding of the books they are reading and the world around them.  Wide ranging writing opportunities are planned, providing purposeful reasons to write and the wider curriculum builds upon these writing experiences and aims to provide children with deep knowledge that will equip them well for the next stages of their education. 


The Maths curriculum follows the Power Maths scheme of learning that supports teachers in the planning, preparation and delivery of maths lessons by breaking down the National Curriculum into steps. Small, cumulative steps build a solid foundation of deep mathematical thinking. This scheme of work provides a logical progressive sequence of small steps leading towards achieving age related outcomes. Learning sequences include fluency to ensure prior knowledge is reinforced and retained as long side teaching new skills and concepts. Children will gain the skills and knowledge to achieve in all areas of future life and compete equally alongside their peers, who do not come from the same disadvantaged backgrounds. 

When designing our curriculum the teachers identify end points and the key knowledge that children will acquire during a topic.  This knowledge is shared with our children and the sequences of learning are designed to ensure that all children achieve these end points. 


The Environment

The school environment is designed to enhance the curriculum.  High priority is placed upon outdoor provision for children at all stages of learning as the school is acutely aware that housing for many children restricts their access to outdoor space.  Children have access to a well-designed wild life area, quality sport provisions and large amounts of outdoor playground space which includes large playing fields, forest school and large playground equipment.  The curriculum is designed to challenge children beyond their own experiences. We aim to prepare children for their next steps in their educational journey by developing all areas of their academic profile alongside building their social and emotional intelligence. 



An Inclusive Curriculum

Bournville has a highly inclusive curriculum.  Children are given many different adaptations of the curriculum in order that the high levels of special needs children can access the learning.  Individual provisions are designed so that children can engage with tasks in class and become independent in their learning.  The school has high levels of children with social emotional, mental health needs.  As a result we have created a clearly planned and strategic approach to pastoral care, which is not only reactive to the changing needs of our children, but also proactive in anticipating potential support that our children may need.  This pastoral support includes, individualised plans for our children, a variety of ways to engage parents, nurture, independence and resilience interventions, as well as mentoring and social skills support.