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Primary Foreign Languages 



The purpose of the study of a language other than English at Bournville Primary School is: 

  • To provide an opening to other cultures 

  • To foster pupils’ curiosity about the world 

  • To deepen pupils’ understanding of the world 

  • To enable opportunities for communication with others 

  • To increase interest in and tolerance and empathy towards people of different backgrounds 

  • To engage, challenge and enthuse our pupils. 

  • To introduce our pupils to a rich, living language and the vibrant culture behind it 

  • To develop confident and independent young people 

  • To add to our pupils’ ‘culture capital’ 


Subject organisation and pedagogical approaches 


Historically, French was taught across KS2 at BPS. From Term 5 2021, Spanish will be gradually introduced to eventually replace French, in order to make full use of the staff expertise available at school. During the school year 2021-2022, Years 3 and 4 will learn Spanish and Years 5 and 6 French. During the school year 2022-2023, Years 3, 4 and 5 will learn Spanish and Year 6 French. From September 2023, Spanish will be taught to all KS2 pupils. 

Starting in Term 5 2021, ‘Language Angels’, an online language teaching scheme, will be the main resource for the teaching of languages at BPS. All teachers will enjoy full access to the range of resources available, including structured lessons, songs, curriculum guidance, interactive games and more. 

Languages will be taught during 3 of the terms (Terms 1, 3 and 5) every academic year at BPS, with one unit being covered each term through weekly hour-long classes. 

The teaching of Languages at BPS will be based on engaging the children’s interest, through dynamic lessons, using cultural references, interactive games, songs, resources using native speakers, stimulating worksheets and practical activities. 

Each term’s work will include a main topic, based on the interests and experiences of the children, and a parallel vocabulary or grammar topic. Some of the main topics will link in with other areas of the curriculum, for example ‘Ancient Britain’. 

Our main aims are to give each KS2 child at BPS a real opportunity to hear, understand, speak, learn and fall in love with a foreign language and to build a solid language learning foundation. 

Subject Overview