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On the 1st October 2017 Bournville Primary converted to academy status and formally became part of the Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN).


Each school within ELAN has a Local Governing Body (LGB). The LGB of Bournville Primary School aims to support the whole community of the school using their varying skills, strengths and expertise from all walks of life to enrich the work of the governing body and improve the governance of the school.


The LGB of Bournville Primary is made up of representatives of the school staff, parents, and the community, who have a special interest in the school and wish to volunteer their time in undertaking the responsibilities delegated to them by the Board of Trustees. These include aspects such as maintaining an overview of the standards and performance achieved in the school, securing a local interest in the school’s strategic development and providing support and challenge for the Headteacher.


In all decision making, the governors are committed to ensuring that the best interests of all children in the school are the highest priority.

The current governors of the school are:

Parent Governors

1). Ms. Catherine Whittaker (Vice Chair)

2). Mrs Andrea Parker

Staff Governors

1). Miss Maria Siewertson

2). Mrs. Amanda Price

Headteacher of the Academy

Mrs. Marie Berry (Headteacher)

Appointed by the Board

1). Mr. Mark Beamish (Chair of Governors)

2). Vacant

Co-opted Governors

1). Mr. Steve Brimble

2). Mr. John Wheatley

3). Mrs. Christine Chaffey 

4). Mrs. Annabel Lawton

5). Vacant

6). Vacant

Clerk to the Governing Body

1). Mrs. Sarah Edwards


To contact the Chair of Governors, please email: or write to Mr. Mark Beamish at the school postal address.

Interested in being a governor?

Being a Governor is a rewarding way of making a voluntary contribution to the lives of local young people.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in education, we welcome governors from all walks of life to bring different perspectives and views. You just need to be interested in supporting our school, community and the educational outcomes of our pupils.  If you are interested in being a governor at Bournville please complete the expression of interest form and return to or contact the Chair of Governors.


This is your opportunity to give back to the community and shape the lives of children locally as part of their extraordinary education experience with us.

You can find out more about becoming a school governor by going to: becoming-a-school-governor/

Governor Information:

Extend Learning Academies Network Governance Information 


For information regarding:


The structure and remit of the members and board of trustees


please click  the below links.


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For Memorandum of Association, Funding Agreement, Accounts and Annual Report for Extend Learning Academies Network please go to ELAN Statutory Documentation


The Trust must publish on its website, the number of employees whose benefits exceeded £100k, in £10k bandings, as an extract from the disclosure in its financial statements for the previous year ended 31 August. You can find this here: Publication of Executive Pay