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Religious Education

Bournville Primary School – Religious Education Rationale 



Through the teaching of RE, our vision at Bournville Primary School is to create knowledgeable, curious, and compassionate children who have the enthusiasm and respect to share their interests in the people, beliefs, and cultures of our world.  


Curriculum Design 


Our RE curriculum, is based on the relevant national and local requirements set out by the Awareness, Mystery and Values (AMV) curriculum. It provides a sequential, spiral structure, showing progression which will begin to be supported by Knowledge Organisers over the coming year.  

In AMV’s RE, the projects planned match the children’s age related interests and create a broad picture of UK religions. Children begin by comparing their own beliefs and practices to those of Christianity and later begin to explore other world religions. Children are encouraged to find common threads between the main world religions as well as explore and express their own spiritual beliefs.  

The religions studied compliment the demographic of the area in which the children live. These religions are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. To represent the changing beliefs of the area in which our children live, the school will also include Humanism and scientific beliefs in our discussions.