Bournville will begin the phased reopening of Preschool, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 from Monday 15th June.

Opening times for these year groups are as follows:

Pre school AM: 9am-11am

Pre school PM: 12.30pm-2.30pm

Reception: 9am-2pm

Year 1: 8.40am-1.45pm

Year 6: 8.20am-1.30pm

Provision for key worker and vulnerable groups will continue as throughout lockdown.

Breakfast and after school provision will only be available for key worker children.

These sessions need to be booked in advance.

Home learning will still be available for pupils in year 2,3,4 and 5 who are not attending school.

A reopening information video and pack has produced please follow this link

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Staff List


School Management Team  
Mrs Marie Berry      Head Teacher         
Mrs Jo Jaloszynski    Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Sian Charles  Deputy Head Teacher    
Mrs Amy Corlett    Assistant Head Teacher 

Mrs Debbie Ludwell                                         

Lead Teaching Assistant

Mrs Natalie Baker                                      


Mrs Jenny Niblett SENDCO

Mrs Fiona Bennett

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sam Charalambous                                Nursery Leader
Miss Bethany Ledbury-Ranklin                      Deputy Nursery Leader
Bonnie Beachgood                             Nursery Assistant

Mrs Katie Price

Nursery Assistant

Miss Georgia Cross Nursery Assistant
Early Years                                

Mrs Nicola Cherry                                     

Reception Teacher / EYFS Leader
Mrs Kate Moore                                  Reception Teacher
Mrs Jane Matthews                          Reception Teacher

Miss Jasmyn Hammond                                  

Pre School Leader
Mrs Jo Pendleton                        Pre School Leader

Mrs Sarah Forbes  

Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Beverley Wyatt                                          Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms Kath Mitson                                            Teaching Assistant
Miss Keirah Shears      Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elaine Li                                                  Intervention Reading LSA
Mrs Karolina Karsznia- Wyrwal    Pre School Assistant
Miss Bethany Culpin                                    LSA
Emily Gilpin EYFS Apprentice
KS1 Team       
Miss Sharon Ledbury                                    Year 1 Teacher / KS1 Leader
Mrs Genette Rawle                                 Year 2 Teacher
Mr Kyle Matravers                                        Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Jo Larder

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Fisher                    

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Beata Maciejczyk   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Kelson Teaching Assistant
Lower KS2 Team  
Ms Sian Hopkins                                        Year 4 Teacher / Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs Jessica Mobey                                   

Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Rebecca Csereklye Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Nina Williams                            Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Leanne Richards                              Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Joy Partridge                                      Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Linsie Board    Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Large

Mrs Jo Walker                                   

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Upper KS2 Team     
Miss Helen Wright                                    Year 6 Teacher / Upper KS2 Leader
Mrs Sian Charles Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Victoria Rowley   (Maternity leave)     

Mr Rob Dempsey                       

Year 6 Teacher

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Liz Kelson                                         

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clare Palmer-Stephenson                              

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kylie Statham             Teaching Assistant

Mrs Atiya Ali  

Vernique Valentine
Mrs Jenny Baker    Miss Kelly Allcock
Miss Kate Davies Mrs Emma Carter
Mrs Zoe Hashem Mrs Karen Dunstone     
Mrs Louise Bishop Lauren Hunt
Miss Vicky Price Mrs Bev Rowe
Mr Adam Silkstone Mrs Sarah Sillick
Mrs Gail Southan Mrs Sarah-Jane Styles
Mrs Michelle Thompson       Mrs Jodi Thomas
Mrs Connie Wilcox   Amy Richards
Healthcare Assistants  
Mrs Julie Thompson Miss Holly Pendleton
Specialist Teachers and Support   
Mrs Natalie Baker                            SENDCO
Mrs Jenny Niblett    SENDCO
Mrs Debbie Ludwell                      Lead Teaching Assisant
Mrs Amy Corlett                              Reading Intervention Leader
Mrs Kerri McArdle                          Head of Teaching School
Mrs Jo Campbell                            Teaching School Administrator
Mrs Beata Maciejczyk                    Maths Intervention Teaching Assistant
Mrs Amanda Price                        Speech and Language Assistant
Mrs Meredith-Jones                     Speech and Language Assistant
Ms Laura Simpkins                      Reading Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Heather Daniels  Reading Support Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Coopey  Reading Support Learning Assistant
Miss Alison Collins    Reading Support Learning Assistant
Mrs Adriana Robinson                Intervention Learning Assistant
Pastoral Support   
Mrs Lorraine Grindle                Pastoral Lead
Ms Judy Holden                          Family Liaison Worker
Mrs Wendy Lambard                  Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Fiona Bennett                     

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Tina Prewett-Martin        Learning Mentor
Mrs Sharon Adams                    Learning Support Assistant
Alice Wheatley Family Engagement 
Lunch Time Supervisors  

Mrs Jenny Baker               

Mrs Julie Salisbury
Mrs Tina Murdie  Mrs Jo Price
Mrs Emma Carter   Miss Vicki Price
Mrs Helen Maloney    Mrs Wendy Duffy
Mrs Michelle Thompson Mrs Debbie Rickwood
Miss Emma Sweeting  Mrs Debbie Palmer
Mrs Emma Bullock Mrs Jurgita Dauksiene
Mrs Caroline Palmer         Administrator
Ms Maria Siewertsen        Administrator/Receptionist
Mrs Sarah Edwards Clerk to the Governing Body
Extended Schools     
Mrs Laura Elmont              XTND Manager

Mrs Wendy Lambard       

Play Leader
Mrs Sharon Adams            Deputy Play Leader/Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs Alison Brooks             Breakfast club Worker
Mrs Gail Southan   Breakfast club Worker
Mrs Michelle Thompson Breakfast club Worker
Mr. Ross McErlain              School Sports Teaching Coach
Mr. Warren Leavens        ELAN Estates Manager

Mr. Phil Tovey

Mrs Debbie Rickwood                     

Site Technician

Caretaker (part-time)

Mrs Del Cole                        Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs Debbie Rickwood  Cleaner
Miss Kerri Price Cleaner
Mrs Tina Murdie Cleaner
Mrs Nicola Eastwood Cleaner
Mrs Denise Chancellor      Canteen Manager
Mrs Cheri Dean                   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Alison Brooks              Kitchen Assistant
Ms Tina Perry Kitchen Assistant
External Advisors   
Jane Steele                          SEMH 
Cat Wright                          Cognition and Learning 

Mr Mahad Ali                   


Education Welfare Officer

Adam Matthews ELAN Chief Executive Office