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Controls and settings

Below are some guides to setting up and using filters and settings as a way of protecting  children and young people online when they are using the most popular online platforms. Having the appropriate restrictions, filters and security settings is only part of educating children about safe online behaviours. 


Having open, regular and honest conversations about why these are necessary and what these protect children and young people from is the best way to protect them from harm or unwanted behaviours whilst they are online.



TikTok Safety Settings

There are a limited number of settings within TikTok that can help to ensure that the children are safe. These settings include:

  • Restricted mode - similar to YouTube restricted that tries to prevent certain content from being seen.
  • Screentime management -how long children can spend in the app each day.
  • Direct messages - restricting who can send the child direct (private) messages, or turn DM's off altogether.

The following devices and games have really clear guides linked to Parental Control and Restrictions. Check out the blue hyperlinks for more information!



Playstation Parent Controls


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Parent Controls


XBOX Parent Controls (PDF guide)



Fortnite Parent Controls



Roblox Parent Controls