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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and wellbeing is a key area of focus at Bournville Primary.  

We look after our children, our staff and our parents.

In school we teach the children about how to keep themselves mentally healthy through our curriculum, PHSE lessons and our pastoral interventions.  We have dedicated and trained staff to support children who are worried about their mental health and services that we can refer children to for further support and help with their emotional and mental health.

For more information our key staff are:

Our Mental Health leads are Genette Rawle & Vicky Rowley

Our Mental Health Governor is Mark Beamish

Welcome to our Mental Health Team

Mental Health First Aid Staff

Our Wellbeing Wall



At Bournville we are proud to be part of the growing network of MindUP schools who promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our whole school community.


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Within the school we have a Mental Health School Champion and four fully  trained mental health first aiders along with our Chair of Governors. They ensure that the delivery of mind up as part of our whole school mental health and well being agenda is taking place. They also provide a source of support for staff and children in ensuring that the mental well being of all the school community is kept high on the agenda. 



The unique evidence-based framework provides knowledge and understanding of neuroscience, mindful awareness, positive psychology and mindful practices to affect positive change within the classroom and beyond. The 15-lesson curriculum includes practices developed to help children improve their focus, manage their emotions and face challenges with resilience, kindness and compassion.

The MindUP lessons are complemented by the ‘Brain Break’. This core mindful breathing exercise which takes place three times a day, enables pupils and staff to calm their minds, focus and get ready to learn.

The interactive teaching and learning approaches, complemented by whole-school mindful practices, help create an exciting learning environment within which children can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.



MindUP is central to our strategic vision, it supports us to create a whole-school culture of gratitude, optimism, happiness and respect within which we can all grow and flourish.



For further details about the MindUP programme, including research findings, the curriculum overview and case studies please visit


For further information around Mental Health and Wellbeing follow the links below: