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SEN Abbreviations

A guide to Acronyms


Below is a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms for Inclusion:


AAC: Alternative and Augmentative Communication


ADD: Attention Defect Disorder


ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


AEN: Additional Educational Needs


ASD: Autistic Spectrum Disorder


BDD: Body Dysmorphic Disorder


CAMHS: Child and adolescent mental health service.


CF: Cystic Fibrosis


CLD: Complex Learning Needs


CoP: Code of Practice


CP: Cerebral Palsy


CYP: Children and Young People


DAMP: Deficits in Attention, Motor Control and Perceptual Abilities


DS: Downs Syndrome


DCD: Developmental Co-ordination Difficulties (Dyspraxia)


DVD: Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia


DYSC: Dyscalculia


DYSL: Dyslexia


DYSP: Dyspraxia


EAL: English as an additional Language


EBD: Emotional and behavioural difficulties


EHCP: Education, Health & Care Plan


EOTAS: Education other than at school


EP: Educational Psychologist


EWO: Education Welfare Officer


HI/VI/PI: Hearing impairment /visual impairment /physical impairment


LAC: Looked after children


LSA: Learning Support Assistant


MD: Muscular Dystrophy


MLD: Moderate learning difficulties


MSI: Multi-Sensory Impairment


ODD: Oppositional Defiance Disorder


OT: Occupational therapist


PDA: Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome


PECs: Picture Exchange Communication


PLASC: Pupil Level Annual School Census


PMLD: Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties


PSI: Physical and Sensory Impairment


PSP: Personal / pastoral Support Plan


PT: Physiotherapist


S & L: Speech and Language


SaLT: Speech and Language Therapist


SEMH: Social, Emotional, Mental Health Needs


SENCo: Special Educational Needs Coordinator


SENDIST: Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal


SLCN: Speech, Language, communication needs


SLD: Severe Learning Difficulties


SLSA: Speech and Language Support Assistant


SLD: Severe Learning Difficulties


SpLD: Specific Learning Difficulties (i.e.: dyslexia, dyscalculia etc).