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The Wildside and goats

At Bournville Primary School we are very lucky to have our own wild space where children and adults can explore nature and take part in forest school activities. It has its own pond and every year their is an abundance of frog spawn that allows the children to see the life cycle of a frog first hand.


The Goats

We are continuing to enjoy our goats thanks to Carol and David at Bristol Street Goats.

Apart from really loving Goats Carol and David manage to find beautiful grazing areas and temporary homes for hundreds of goats all around North Somerset.


At present we have three girls - Dora, Danger Mouse and Dolly - who are eating their way through all the delicious brambles, grasses and bushes we have growing on the wild side. Goats are natural browsers and will devour brambles, weeds and anything too invasive.


These earth friendly options help us to maintain the land naturally and sustainably as opposed to labour intensive land clearing machinery, which would be a threat to the wild side biodiversity and eco systems.

Goats do not generally need fuel, spare parts or too many repairs to function , therefore school are able to save on costly ground maintenance  as well as cutting back on those harmful emissions.

This means Bournville Primary School are helping to save the planet. HOORAY!

In addition to all these benefits our goats with their fun loving inquisitive personalities are an endless source of amusement for our children and staff.  They also give opportunities for responsibility, teamwork and leadership with the children helping to clean the shelter and do regular checks on sufficient straw to keep them warm and enough hay to eat. The children also help with checking the safety of the area  and that they are looking clean and healthy.


Stroking, caring and talking to the goats is a nurturing experience and one that develops us socially and emotionally. The experience can give us a sense of self-worth and install positive mental health and wellbeing.


When the children are around the goats they look happy and calm, what more can you ask!