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Facebook - Do I know my friends?

So this is not yet available in the UK and it may be as it is yet to be confirmed. However, it is still a good talking point/ food for thought.

Facebook are getting ready to roll out “Meet New Friends”; a tool to help people start friendships with new people from their shared communities like a school, workplace or city.

Facebook has said that the feature, announced on Tuesday, will be opt-in and only for adults, however experts have pointed out the social network has no effective age verification meaning children will be able to access it.

Dr Sonia Livingstone, a former member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, said: “Facebook already suggests new friends and that is exactly where a lot of the risks are, especially when they have got underage users on their platform and are seemingly not doing anything to get them off or stop that.

“From a child protection side, it is very hard to see what problem is being solved and all kinds of new risks get opened up.”

So this got me to thinking. 

How many of my Facebook friends do I actually know. 
How many of these ‘friends’ do I actually see in my current life. And yet I may sometimes share my thoughts and photos with them. When was the last time I saw someone I went to school with all of those years ago. 
More years then I care to count and yet I know all about their children, their pets, daily activity.

Do you accept all friend requests? Or, even though it may feel rude, do you decline the request… you do not need to know about them and they do not need to know about you.

Do you talk to your family about the difference between friends and ‘friends’ and who or what is actually real……

Just a few things to consider. #onlinesafetyatbps