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Parking around the school


This morning I was alerted to some parking issues at the front of school.  I spent 20 minutes at the front of school reminding parents about safe parking.  I am very concerned by the numbers of parents who are parking very dangerously.  I saw cars parked on the zig zag lines, obstructing the entrance to the school, mounting the pavement both out side of school and along Windermere.  Not only is this illegal, it is also extremely dangerous for parents and children.  I witnessed a number of near misses with parents pulling out on each other.  We have an open drop off in the morning.  You have from 8.40-9am to drop children off so there is no need for everyone to arrive at 8.40.  If you are driving to school, please find somewhere to park safely.  This may mean that you have to park away from school and walk in.  Parents cannot pull up and drop off along the road in front of the school. 

We have politely reminded parents recently in the newsletter about this issue and you will be challenged by me or any other member of staff who is present about unsafe parking.  We will not tolerate parents becoming aggressive in front of children when we ask them to move on.  We will continue to support individual parents who have specific needs and who may need to drive onto site with their children.  Should you need access to school site parking please collect a form from the office. This will be reviewed case by case.

Thank you for continued support.

Marie Berry